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Diet in pregnancy

Everyone tries to eat healthy during pregnancy. Every pregnant mother experiences distinct signs and symptoms. Nausea, vomiting, hunger, and dizziness are just a few of the symptoms. You want to eat but are unable to do so due to nausea. Your needs only slightly rise during pregnancy; they aren’t doubled!

“Now you have to eat for two,” many people say. It does not imply that you should eat twice as much. It just signifies that your needs have increased slightly. Nutrients will be necessary as each month passes. The fetus, like its necessities, is quite little, and while the fetus should grow, you should not. Not only is the quantity of nutrients vital, but so is the variety. Each month necessitates a particular set of nutrients.

Foods high in folate and folic acids, such as eggs, beans, and dals, are essential throughout the first trimester. Nuts, freshwater fish instead of sea fish, strawberries, milk, and curd are all high in B6. Beetroot and dosas are iron-rich meals. In the second month, calcium-phosphorus is required. Protein is essential in the second trimester. Also, Constipation can develop if you don’t eat enough fiber, such as 2–3 fruits per day and plenty of vegetables. In the second trimester, it’s also important to remember to drink enough water. Don’t overdo it on the protein; it can lead to constipation. Milk and curd are vegetarian protein sources, while fish, poultry, and fried eggs are non-vegetarian protein sources. Almonds and walnuts are available in limited quantities. Lemon, orange, and amla are all good sources of vitamin C. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are beneficial fatty acids throughout the third trimester. Almond and walnut nuts are high in DHA and magnesium. Ghee should be consumed during all three trimesters. Always

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