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Success Stories

Success Stories

42 yrs female presented with a history of right-side facial pain for 6 yrs.

42 yrs female presented with a history of right side facial pain for 6 yrs. on examination was diagnosed with trigiminal neuralgia ( pain because of trigiminal nerve getting irritated by blood vessels). MRI showed blood vessels irritating the nerve. she was on 6 different painkillers for the last 3 years but still, she had severe facial pain. 2 days back underwent surgery. Blood vessels irritating the nerve were separated from the nerve and a Teflon patch was inserted between them. The next-Day patient was pain-free without any painkillers.

2 Blood vessels were irritating the nerve.
Note:- These images are 400 times magnified under the operating microscope.

45 yrs female presented with a history of one episode of convulsion.

On admission, pt was disoriented with rt hemiplegia. ( Weakness in right limbs)
MRI showed a tumor on the left side of the brain with multiple blood vessels crossing through the tumor.
Yesterday patient underwent surgery and complete excision of the tumor was achieved and all the blood vessels crossing the tumor were preserved.
Today patient is fully conscious and oriented with improvement in the power of the right limbs.

Success Stories

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